New Album

New Album Art Details: 

I am creating this post to announce the plans for the art direction for the new album. It will be a collaboration between me, of course, and 2 other artists: Bernardo Alatorre and Martin of Ba'al Graphics. The first part of this process, started with Bernardo creating 3 digital illustrations. I cannot give exact details yet, but in a later post I promise. The 3 illustrations are going to be provided to Martin for the layout design (Pages w/ text, disc image, booklet layout). The illustrations are complete, but the layout must wait until I make more progress with the music. This applies to the promotional video that will be made as well, by another talented artist, but cannot be finished until we have the final materials (Final cover art, label info, release details, etc.) I am very excited about the concept for this, and the final product im sure will be something very unique and avante-garde, rich with colors, textures, and talented artistry. I will provide more details when I have made more progress with the music. Below I will provide a preview of the art. Thanks for reading.

- Scott